US patent # 10,119,527, This patent  covers any such device that carries its power supply onboard

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Our invention is the first solely ion propelled aircraft in history, that can both take off, and fly with its power supply onboard.  See US patent number 10,119,527. 

The patent specifically covers ion propelled flying machines that carry their power supplies, as of 08/07/2014.  This device is about 50.3 times more efficient than our "competitor" and > 20 times more powerful by weight after the first 3 seconds of flight.

I will explain  further how it works in the following pages, including  showing IR , UV images, and movies. 

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While many steering systems for this invention have been built and tested in the past, this is the first time that an agile and low power loss version has been fully designed and is being implemented. 

Official Observers

Among the many presentations throughout the years, the inventor has demonstrated this device in flight with an onboard power supply to the following corporations and individual observers:

  • Jeff St. Clair, Host Of NPR, WKSU  Radio, Watched the craft fly with onboard power and produced an excellent radio program about it, see link below.
  • Michael McKittrick, Business  Consultant, observed the craft flying from a glass table recently.
  • GLIDE (Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise) in Ohio, which is an incubation hub for entrepreneurs. It was demonstrated at their facility twice. Once lifting off from their hallway  floor.
  • Eric Bobinsky, President at Aquant Group, Sr. Prin. SME, Commercial Space & Satellite Communications (NASA HQ) and affiliate of OAI, was present during one of the demonstrations
  • Dr. Michael E. Krauss, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, at UAF, observed it flying, with onboard power, and operated the remote control. 
  • Sadly, my Dad, Dr. Michael E. Krauss is no longer on the list, he recently passed away on 10/11/2019: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_E._Krauss  
  • Elena Loskova, Concert/Collaborative Pianist, Oberlin College & Conservatory, participated in the development of the project throughout the years.
  • Dan Ninedorf at Specialized Cameras Company (Corona, UV, etc), UVIrCO Tecnologies, provided UV video footage of a flight in 2013.
  • Richard Krauss, Prinicipal Architect, a founder of Arrowstreet and its non-profit affiliate, the Environmental Design Group Inc., Boston, MA, observed several different versions of the craft in flight.
  • Collin McEwen, Public Relations/ Reporter at CWRU observed it in operation with onboard power during an interview. 
  • Larger audience demonstrations are planned for the near future, as adjustments to the improved steering system are completed.

Provisional Patent Link


The Patent




Stardust Startup Factory


Latest, WKSU News Story


Case Western Reserve University Daily News


Channel 5 News


Oberlin News-Tribune

https://d.docs.live.net/63e7970d00e83112/Public/Oberlin Tribune Article

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Videos of the Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft





People didn't believe it, even though they were flying daily


Grant News and Exciting Investment Opportunity for those Interested


We received a micro grant from the Stardust Startup factory in  2017 and have not forgotten them. If anyone else would like to invest, we will repay people according to how soon they invested and how well we do.  It is possible there will be a large return, though it is not guaranteed. We are doing this for the good before money. We do however see the largest money making potential as a possibility.


Due to recent events in the news, we have been compelled to show early videos of our technology. Our invention is the only one in history that can take off and fly solely propelled by ions, carrying the power supply.  It predates any other attempts, including MIT’s recent highly publicized effort at ionic flight.  Theirs required a bungee cord and large wings, because they could not generate the necessary power to weight ratio without assistance. 

A major recent discovery is that our device is already operating at a ballpark figure of 14 grams per watt of lift (more efficiently than quad-copters), not including electrical system losses. The electrical system produces a sufficient current, and a lot of voltage for its weight, however, the efficiency of it can be increased significantly.  Since we have the necessary data on how to accomplish this, we are very close  to achieving this goal.   

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Thermal Image of Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft, Top of the Power Supply with heatsinks and batteries.

Ir Pic of Power supply.


5 Meter Japanese Craft 2003

The Japanese generated a lot of thrust with their external power supply.


2013 Craft Flying, UV Video

UV image taken from a video of the Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft flying in 2013. aerospace engineering Ethan Krauss Aerospace Company


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